Defining Casa Oberrichter just a restaurant is certainly an understatement...

... this place is a refuge for the soul, wherever and whenever you desire it. You can come here and enjoy our hospitality and relax by listening to good music from Silvano's vinyls, sipping one of Marina's many drinks-potions, tasting Alessio's imaginative dishes and reading to your children one of Pietro's illustrated stories, surrounded by a surreal and fairytale-like atmosphere, with crackling fireplaces and very hot stoves ready to wrap you in warm hugs.


This room can accommodate twenty people and is ideal for a family lunch. It is very bright and is entirely decorated with ocher Arcadian-inspired frescoes, among which you will see a putto in the act of peering at you diners.


Very small and intimate, it contains a single eight-seater table. You will get lost in admiring the shop windows and the bizarre collections inside them. Chimney sweeps of all shapes and designs, ancient postcards with precious statuettes depicting the lucky figure.


Very bright and large hall, covered by an immense fresco, which catapults the guest into a real garden, with plants, animals and fantastic figures, which emerge among branches, flowering foliage and a precious collection of beer mugs.