A small mountain village, where culture is still alive and people are deeply anchored to the traditions, but looks at the future, too

n the center of Malborghetto stands the Palazzo Veneziano, a well-preserved sixteenth-century building used as the Ethnographic Museum of the Comunità Montana Valcanale-Canal del Ferro. This dynamic body, managed with intelligence and active participation of the whole community, is playing an irreplaceable role of collecting and preserving the whole culture of the valley, from whatever age and ethnic group it comes from, to provide future

inhabitants with the tools to celebrate the traditions of the territory. Thanks to this relentless commitment, many beautiful popular festivals have been resumed, made alive and current by the young people of the surrounding countries. In winter, young and old alike await the advent with great enthusiasm, St. Nicholas and the Krampus, the Christmas tree, the Nativity scene, the scip-sciap, the chimney sweeps on New Year's Eve, the Pechtra Baba

and the three kings. Easter also celebrates its splendor with the Praitels on Palm Sunday, decorated eggs, the Easter tree of cats and above all the little theater of the Holy Sepulcher, the real pride of our community. The future 18 years old are looking forward to erecting the Maja and proving their maturity, inaugurating the period of the numerous village festivals, addressed to natives and tourists with equal taste.