A picturesque town in the heart of the Valcanale, located in the far north-east of Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Austria and Slovenia. A name that evokes the history of a pretty town in Bamberg, struck by the countless Venetian, Turkish and French incursions and assigned to Italy just at the end of the First World War.
In these cosmopolitan lands, straddling the Eastern Alps, people of different languages ​​and traditions have always coexisted. The habits and customs of Italy, Friuli, Austria and Slovenia have merged here, creating a rare combination of Alpine tradition and Italian lifestyle.

The geological diversity also contributes to making this location interesting: on the one hand the imposing peaks of the rocky and fascinating Julian Alps, the destination of the most ambitious mountaineers, on the other the rounded and wooded Carnic Alps, guests of idyllic meadows, huts and pastures. The forest is expanding everywhere, even where only fifty years earlier there were pastures painstakingly torn from the wood, stump by stump, called "rutte" in the local lexicon, an imaginative mix of the present ethnic groups: German-speaking, Slavic-Vindisch (ancient Slavic tribe settled in the valley from Roman times) and Italian-Friulian. On this boundless green mantle, wild animals are present in large numbers and varieties; there are so many that close encounters can be frequent, for those who know how to move in the environment with respect. The game reserve is managed with Austro-Hungarian rigor and hunters seem more committed to preserving the local fauna as best as possible than shooting.

Nevertheless, in the cuisine of the Valley there are numerous game dishes, but also good beef raised on the meadows, lean pigs raised outdoors, mountain cheeses, wild herbs that enrich even the simplest foods, apples and pears. suitable for strudel and klotzen-nudel (dried pear dumplings), as well as Obstler, a delicate distillate of apples, pears and plums, which with some amolos and apricots, together with berries, are the only fruit qualities that can ripen in this territory, located just 750 meters. on the sea, but with a microclimate of 1000/1100 meters. A green, open and spacious valley, easily accessible from all over the region and well connected to nearby Austria and Slovenia.